This issue covers crypto assets, initial coin offerings, and more.




Learn about crypto assets


Our Guide to Crypto Assets


Crypto assets include cryptocurrencies, blockchain companies, cryptocurrency funds, and initial coin offerings (ICOs). These assets are getting a lot attention lately, but not all are securities.


Are you unsure about any of these terms? Do you want to know how crypto assets might be relevant to you?


BCSC InvestRight has a new article that explains the basics of crypto assets. We also share some tips to avoid scams.

Crypto Asset Article 



Learn about ICOs

Initial Coin Offerings:
Know the Facts and Risks


Initial coin offerings, also known as ICOs, are a hot topic in tech. Do you know how ICOs work and the unique risks they carry?

Understand the facts, learn to ask the right questions, and avoid potential scams with our latest article.



Initial Coin Offerings Article

Video: Crypto Assets 

Watch this video for an overview of crypto assets.



Video: Initial Coin Offerings  
This video explains the basics and risks of ICOs.




Read the BCSC Enforcement Roundup


We have three British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) panel decisions and three settlement agreements from the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada (MFDA) in this month's roundup.


The BCSC summaries cover unregistered trading of securities, market manipulation, and breaching a cease trade order.

Read the Roundup


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