Learn how to recognize, reject, and report investment fraud.






Don't be part of an investment fraud


Don't Be Part of an Investment Fraud


Is that investment opportunity actually a fraud? How can you recognize a fraud before you're part of it? Take this quiz to learn the warning signs of investment fraud.


Visit our Fraud Prevention Month campaign page to learn how to recognize, reject, and report investment fraud.



Do a Background Check Before You Invest


Always take the time to check out an investment and the person selling it before you invest. Learn how to do a background check on an investment advisor, including how to look up a person and their firm in the Canadian Securities Administrators' National Registration Search.


If an opportunity comes to you from someone who's not registered, contact the BC Securities Commission immediately.


Protect Yourself Against Investment Fraud


You can protect yourself and everyone you know against investment fraud. Start with BCSC InvestRight's Fraud Awareness resources.



Top 10 Scams: Cryptocurrency Scams


Doug Muir, the BC Securities Commission's enforcement director, talked about the rise of cryptocurrency scams at the Better Business Bureau's Top 10 Scams event on February 28.


Fraudsters take advantage of the fact that cryptocurrencies are new and unknown to a lot of investors. These scams often use high pressure sales and promises of high returns with low risks.


Watch Doug's video on cryptocurrency scams




Investment Fraud Warning Signs


If an investment you're interested in has the characteristics of one of these warning signs, it's okay to say no.


The fraud warning signs include:

  • No risk
  • Profit like the pros
  • Offshore, tax-free
  • Get in now
  • Your friends and family can't be wrong



Questions? Contact the BC Securities Commission


We welcome your questions, comments, and tips related to the securities industry in B.C. If you need to speak to someone in person, please contact BCSC Inquiries.



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