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Take a Look at Your Investment Fees


You may have seen or heard BCSC InvestRight's Take a Look at Your Investment Fees campaign. It's worth checking out as Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) season comes to a close.


This year, we’re showing investors how fees affect their investment returns over time. For example, paying 1.5 per cent versus 2.5 in fees on a $50,000 investment could mean an extra $17,500 over 20 years. So, take a look at your investment fees. It’s worth it.


Visit the Take a Look at Your Investment Fees page to access important resources and learn how to evaluate the ways fees may affect your portfolio.



See Your Fees with our Investment Fee Calculator


Our investment fee calculator shows you the impact fees have on returns over time. Use it to compare different fees and returns. 




Article: The Basics of RRSPs


The deadline to contribute to an RRSP is March 1, 2018. As you think about your investments before the deadline, look at how your portfolio performed over the last year.


As you look at your RRSP, don't forget about investment fees. 




Explainer: What are RRSPs?


We have easy-to-read information about RRSPs on Remember, RRSPs are a type of account that holds investments. They are not a type of investment.


Learn about how to open, contribute to, and close an RRSP account. 



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